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Fragrance Sample Rewards Program

What are rewards?


Do you use credit cards with a rewards program? Did you know you can double dip by usig your reward credit card on top of our rewards program? Here is how it works. Most credit cards offer a base reward at 1% cash back. That is 1 penny for every dollar spent. Some credit cards offer even more such as 2% and in rare cases up to 3% cash back on normal purchases. At the bare minimum, If you use one of these cards at 1% cash back, your total cash back for every decant purchase will be 5%. Not bad.


What rewards do you offer?


We offer 4% cash back for every dollar spent. No minimum or maximum restrictions.


How does your point system work?


For every dollar spent, you earn 2 points.


How much is each point worth?


Each reward point is worth $0.02.


How do I redeem my reward points?


To redeem your rewards, you must be on the payments page during check out. Near the top of the page, you will see where you can choose to use reward points for your order.


Are there any requirements?


Only one requirement, you must have a registered account to receive and redeem reward points. "Checkout As Guest" purchases are not eligible for rewards since they are anonymous by nature.