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Shipping & Returns


What shipping services do you use?


We use USPS and UPS


What is your processing time?


Processing time is usually between 1 and 3 business days and on some rare occasions up to 4 business days. Weekends and federal holidays are not included in processing times. All orders are decanted fresh and never sitting around going stale. The volume of sales also drives processing time. We cannot predict purchasing behavior.


Is processing time the same as shipping time?


No, selected shipping time is added to the processing time. So, 3 business days for processing and a 3-day transit time is 6 estimated business days for you to receive your order. This estimate does not include weekends or holidays.


Do you ship on weekends or holidays?


We are not open on weekends or holidays. No orders are processed or shipped during these times.


What countries do you ship to?


At this time we only ship within the US.


Why don’t you ship to other countries?


Shipping internationally is not as easy as you would think. There are lots of packages that wind up missing or delivered but stolen. Also, customers are generally not happy paying duties and taxes or VAT. These issues are a huge inconvenience for the customer and creates a very bad experience. We are a rapidly growing company and in the future international shipping will be reviewed. For now, you are welcome to shop at one of our many awesome competitors.


Ok, you don’t ship to my country. Do you allow shipping to international or other types of forwarding addresses?


We do not allow shipping to international or other types of forwarding addresses.


Why don’t you allow shipping to international or other types of forwarding addresses?


While most of these companies are highly legitimate, they are also used by persons for fraudulent activity. Example, package shows as delivered but customer is told by the forwarding company there is no package for them. Ourselves and the customer have no way to validate if this is true. This puts the customer and us in a very difficult situation because of the shipping carrier, third-party forwarding service or possibly the customer is being untruthful. This situation is made worse if the customer does not choose signature verification or shipping insurance during checkout. We are not liable in these situations so we avoid them altogether. You are more than welcome to shop at one of our many awesome competitors as they offer direct international shipping and to forwarding addresses.


NOTE: Any orders placed which use an international or other type of forwarding service or company will be canceled and refunded instantaneously.


My package shows as delivered but I have no package. What now?


Please check with your neighbors or family members. It is possible the delivery driver handed your package to someone who knows you. If no one has your package, we suggest waiting an extra day. It is possible the driver scanned your package and has made himself an "Agent" for final delivery. If it has been a few days after a "Delivered" status then your package is considered to be stolen. If this is the case and you would like for us to re-send your order, please email a copy of your filed police report including your case number and precinct where the report was filed. Even then we still reserve the right to refused any claim. We are not responsible or liable for any stolen packages. If you have experienced package theft it is highly recommended to select signature verification during checkout.


Some items in my order are incorrect, missing or have leaked out. How is this handled?


Incorrect & Missing Items
We aren't perfect and mistakes do happen but is extremely rare. We have a very good system in place to process all orders with 99% accuracy. In the event a mistake does happen, please be calm and use our contact us page to let us know who you are and what exactly happened. Please include your order number as well. Replacements are usually granted and sent out unless we detect dishonesty on your part.


Broken & Leaked Out Items
This can happen although it is very rare. We use some pretty durable bottles. Of the thousands of decants we ship out; a very small percentage of bottles have slipped through quality control. Maybe they have a small unnoticeable crack. In the event of a bottle breaking or leakage, be calm and use our contact us page to let us know about your issue. Replacements are usually granted and sent out unless we detect dishonesty on your part.


Do you offer shipment insurance?


Yes, all orders include complimentary insurance.


Do you offer signature verification?


Yes, for a cost of $2.99 and can be selected during checkout. This is strongly recommended if your packages are prone to theft.


What are your shipping costs?


United States
$4.99 - USPS Ground Advantage (2-5 Days)
$9.99 - USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Days)
$9.99 - UPS Ground (1-5 Days)
$14.99 - UPS 2nd Day Air (2 Days)
FREE - Orders Over $60 (2-5 Days)




Do you offer refunds on decants or samples?


Decants are not eligible for any returns. This is because we follow the same rules as with any other beauty product. We cannot guarantee with certainty the product has not been contaminated in some fashion. This makes the product ineligible for resale. Please ask all questions up front and do research before making your purchase.


I don’t like the fragrance can I send it back for a refund?


Fragrances are very subjective. Just as with music, food, style, etc. Therefore, there will be some fragrances you don't like but someone else might. The same is true for fragrances you like but someone else may not. We do not accept refunds for any decants or samples for any reason. All sales are final. However, this the whole reason you are buying samples, right? Imagine how upset you would be if you blind bought a niche fragrance for hundreds of dollars without sampling it first. I know I would be pretty upset. Thank God you can buy samples at Decant House!


Do you offer refunds for full unopened retail bottles?


Full Retail Bottles may be returned for full refund provided they are unused/unopened and the manufacturers seal has not been removed.


Do you offer refunds for full retail bottles which have been opened?


Full Retail Bottles which have had the manufacturers seal removed and contain all of the fragrance inside may be returned for a refund less a 20% restocking fee. The item is no longer new when the manufacturers seal is removed and we are unable to sell the fragrance for the full price.


If a full retail bottle is returned, do you refund the shipping cost as well?


Shipping cost for any return will not be refunded.