New Release Review – Lovers by Louis Vuitton

As a writer you always want to be unbiased so that this way you can give an honest opinion that is neutral and doesn’t show any favoritism. However, one may say that I’m a little biased towards Louis Vuitton because I just love the simplistic presentation, the scent profiles, and mostly how they look on my shelf. What I don’t like is the price. But honestly, does anyone like those steep prices? Ugh, the cost of smelling amazing, I suppose.

Released on June 19th, the new fragrance Lovers by Louis Vuitton is one that I didn’t intend on picking up when I went into the LV store near me this past weekend. Honestly, I was going in to look at either purchasing City of Stars or Orage, but I knew that days earlier this new fragrance dropped so I went into the LV store, family in tow, and made a b-line to the fragrance counter and was met with 4 bottles of Lovers spread out around the counter. I grabbed the closest one to me, smelled the atomizer (I know, rookie move) and then sprayed on my skin (never spray on a card, it will never smell the same that’s on your skin). Ladies and gentlemen, I have some thoughts.

I didn’t quite know what I was getting into with this fragrance; Summer fragrance? Fresh fragrance? Anytime fragrance? All I knew is as soon as that first note hit my nose I was hooked. The client advisor came over, asked if I needed help and I just immediately said I would take it…without hesitation. No second thoughts, no additional testing, none of that, which is VERY unlike me. While she went out back to wrap it up, I checked Fragrantica and checked the notes, wearability, etc. and it just confirmed my knee-jerk reaction to purchase.

On a side note - in all seriousness though, if you haven’t had the LV experience of purchasing a fragrance and having them wrap it up for you, you really should try it at least once – amazing attention to detail and superb customer service. Definitive 10/10 for me.

In the opening you have galbanum and bergamot, in the mid there’s ginger and solar notes, and in the base is sandalwood and cedarwood. Now, I’m not 100% sure what “solar notes” are but it is described as “An uplifting sparkling note”. Galbanum is a bitter green fragrance that is described as smelling like an “intensely green, fresh-leafy” scent. The perfumer, Jacques Cavallier, along with Pharell wanted to create a fragrance that was bright like the sun. The idea was that the sun is a source of love and life and is described as a “spray of sunlight” in every bottle. I will say that somehow, if you smell this and really harp on what they were trying to envision…I kinda get it in a weird way. It’s just so inviting and somehow seems bright, yet warm.

I remember when I was a teen there was something called “Spanish fly”, remember that? It was said that Spanish fly was an aphrodisiac, but everyone knew it was not true and the fact you could buy it in a store like Spencer’s was the proof. I mean, the thought of putting something on your body and causing someone to fall in love with you based off that smell is extremely far-fetched. So, does Lovers have that same effect? Not really, but I DO love the way it smells that’s for sure!

If you really want to find a scent that smells like love, I don’t think it exists. I mean, there are scents that we love and there are fragrance profiles we love, and there are even fragrances people hate that we love – that’s what makes owning fragrances so wonderful. Love the fragrance and love others as you would want to be loved. That’s what Lovers by Louis Vuitton is all about.

Final Thoughts

For Lovers by Louis Vuitton, I would give this fragrance a definitive 9/10. Their last unisex frag that we’ve reviewed was Pacific Chill, and while I really like that scent profile, I just couldn’t get behind the lack of performance out of it. If I’m spending north of $200 on ANY fragrance, it should be a beast. Spending over $300 and it BETTER be a beast. That being said, when I initially sprayed Lovers one time at the store and walked the mall with my nose magnetized to my arm, I went into the following day waking up and re-checking my arm and, to my delight, Lovers was still there. This fragrance can easily be worn any time, any day, any season, any situation. Highly recommend getting a sample of this and trying for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this review of Lovers by Louis Vuitton! Did you smell this yet? What do you think of it? Hope you all have a great day and I’ll catch you in the next one! Peace!