Why Buy Cologne Samples? 3 Benefits You Should Know

When it comes to perfume, men’s fragrances have a unique scent that is unlike any other. Cologne samples have many benefits. Not only do they give you the chance to test out new colognes, but they also allow you to expand on your current collection.

Before diving into the many cologne sample benefits worth exploring, let's touch on some of the basics of fragrance samples.

What is the Difference Between a Cologne Sample and a Decant?

Cologne and other scented products are a delight for the senses. After you wear your cologne, you can enjoy the aroma for hours. However, while the term cologne is more universally understood, there are other terms used in the fragrance world that you may not be familiar with, especially for sample-size products.

Decant is a term you likely haven't come across before – unless you are a true fragrance aficionado. While it sounds relatively upscale, it simply refers to a sample-size product.

That's right. There is no difference between a decant and a sample-size product. In fact, decanting refers to the process of actually transferring fragrance from its full-size vessel to a sample size vessel.

Why Buy Cologne Samples: 3 Benefits You Haven't Considered

The world of fragrance is a big one. We are talking about hundreds of different scents from hundreds of different brands. If you haven't considered buying a cologne sample, then make sure to check out these three benefits:

1. You Get the Chance to Truly Sample the Product

Cologne samples are the perfect way to get the first impression of a fragrance. When shopping around at your local stores, it can be rather challenging to get a genuine scent sample, because there are so many around.

This is especially true in a shop that allows unlimited sample sprays. The practice can lead to a cloud of mixed scents, making it difficult to get an accurate sampling of any cologne.

2. You Save Money

Samples can be purchased for only a few dollars. A full-size bottle can cost anywhere between fifty dollars to a hundred dollars. While many fragrances are well worth the price you pay – there are some you may not want to splurge on.

Sample colognes are beneficial because you can purchase just enough to try, or even enough for a few special occasions. This can save you hundreds of dollars in products that would otherwise sit around collecting dust or end up in the trash.

3. You Avoid Waste

One disadvantage of a full-size bottle of cologne is the fact that you are wasting a lot of product. Once opened, fragrances do have a shelf life, meaning they will expire at some point.

While some will tell you that fragrances don't have an expiration date, many do. On average, most perfumes and colognes will expire within two years. If you're like most consumers, you won't ever use an entire 3 oz bottle – unless you wear it day and night (no judgments here!).

Cologne samples will allow you to reduce your overall waste, ensuring you get the most for your money.

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