*EXCLUSIVE REVIEW* New Tom Ford Fragrance – Soleil de Feu

As of writing this, it’s still early in the year and already we’re in uncharted territory – three new Tom Ford fragrances in a row – one of them not even released yet. Keep in mind that Tom Ford released multiple really good fragrances last year but spread them out over the course of the entire year (Costa Azzurra Parfum, Noir Extreme Parfum, Ebene Fume to name a few). But, the flanker train has to keep on chugging along here in 2023 and we’re picking up a new Soleil flanker as part of the Private Blend Collection – Soleil de Feu.

According to Tom Ford’s website, there are currently four Soleil fragrances; Soleil Blanc EDP, Soleil Neige EDP, Eau de Soleil Blanc EDT, and Soleil Brulant EDP. What’s missing from their site is the unreleased Soleil de Feu that I’ve been testing for a few days now and I have to say I’m really liking what I smell so far. In this series of fragrances, all four have at least three notes in common and they are white floral, bergamot and amber. The earliest fragrance, Soleil Blanc (or “White Sun”) was released in 2016 and each one after that has had their own unique scent profile while keeping that same Soleil Blanc DNA, in true Tom Ford fashion. So, how does Soleil de Feu fit in with the rest of the family? Keep in mind…I’m going to give you my best interpretation on this fragrance since there is currently no note breakdown, and no description or any review currently available to confirm what it is that I’m smelling. Also remember that what I smell could be different than what someone else smells, but one thing is for sure…pick up a sample of this now and try it yourself. Ok…on to the breakdown.

The Opening

Soleil de Feu (or “Fiery Sun”) opens with a hint of citrus followed by this floral/coconut blast that immediately takes you to a sandy beach somewhere, pina colada in hand, your favorite music playing, and the smell of sunblock in the air. The white floral note in Soleil de Feu to me smells like jasmine but could also have orange blossom as well that would also lend to that hint of sweetness and citrus in the opening. There’s something familiar though in the scent profile that’s similar to Costa Azzurra. It’s very aromatic and has a touch of either cypress or oak that’s hiding behind that coconut note. I’d have to say, overall, the opening is super bright, relaxing and if I’m being honest, one that I can’t quite keep my nose off of. It’s not overly too sweet or too harsh, it’s just right and is very smooth and fresh smelling.

The Mid/Dry Down

The mid and dry down is where this really starts to get good. It’s still as bright as when you first spray it on but the citrus in the opening has dissipated and now amber, coconut and woody notes are in for the long haul…and I mean long. Like watching The Lord of the Rings Extended Series from start to finish but add another eight or so hours long. The floral notes are still lingering but not as pungent as they were in the first few hours. What you’re left with is a luxurious solar floral scent that so far is a big performer on my skin. One thing to note is that I’ve been testing this in the dead of a New England winter. Now, although this winter has been a bit on the mild side, I will say it’s still not even on par with what this fragrance has potential to do when it’s really warm out and we’re in peak beach season. I don’t think I’ve been as excited about a fragrance since Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Forever, and that stuff still to this day hits me in a way that I to this day cannot describe. It’s just pure magic and Soleil de Feu is now in that same excitement level for me.

Longevity and Performance

I sprayed this on around 7AM and worked all day until after 9:30 at night. In those 14 and a half hours I continuously kept getting whiffs of the fragrance coming off of my skin. To be fair, my spraying technique is the same with every fragrance and it is: three sprays in the front of my neck (left, middle, right), one spray on the back of my neck (for that blissful scent trail when someone’s walking behind you) and one spray on the front of my shirt. Every time…same technique. This ensures that there’s fragrance in front, back, and on your shirt for more longevity. One thing to note, I wore a hoodie for the last half of the day and my shirt was covered up, so the scent I was picking up on was from my skin which is amazing to still be smelling it after 10+ hours. But the thing that blew me away the most was the following morning. I woke up, got dressed, sprayed on three sprays of Nautica Voyage, threw a hoodie on and went to the gym for an hour. Came home and jumped in the shower and once my skin touched that steam from the shower, I fully expected Nautica Voyage to fill the air but no way my friend, Soleil de Feu, after 25 hours was STILL coming out strong and even overpowered the fresh musk scent of Nautica Voyage. I mean…that’s some absolutely amazing longevity and performance if you ask me!

The few people I worked with that night approached me saying they could smell it and asked what it was. Each person gave the same answer: that it smelled like a summertime scent, fresh full of coconut vibes and reminded them of suntan lotion, not in a bad or cheap way, but something that puts them in a warm place of relaxation and serenity. Have to say, I couldn’t agree more.

Final Thoughts

First of all, it’s one thing to be able to try something as amazing as this fragrance is, but more importantly, I’m humbled and grateful that I get to try something this amazing before it even hits the shelves (And you can to!) If I were to give only one criticism on this fragrance it would be the name – “Fiery Sun”. Maybe it’s not criticism, maybe confusion is the better term. When you think “fiery” you think spicy or smokey and I don’t get any of that here. I know that in all but Soleil Neige there’s pink pepper, but I don’t notice that note in Soleil de Feu. What Tom Ford could be referencing is, and I keep going back to it, the simple fact that it’s that scent that hits the hot summer air mixed with woods, sunblock and coconuts reminiscent of a beach holiday that can be worn throughout the summertime months and perform all day into the night. That’s all I can think of but maybe I’m looking too deep into it.

The fact that Costa Azzurra is probably one of my favorite summertime scents and that Soleil de Feu has those similar notes means that I may have to re-arrange my fragrances a little and keep Costa Azzurra close but Soleil de Feu closer to the front of the line. All in all, it’s an amazing spring/summer scent with hours of longevity, decent silage and an absolutely amazing scent profile - everything you can expect from a Tom Ford fragrance. If I were to rate this fragrance it would undoubtedly receive a glowing 9.5 out of 10 from me. I sincerely cannot recommend this fragrance enough and really urge you to get a decant of this and try it out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Pick up your decant of this unreleased fragrance now and let me know in the comments or reviews what you think? Do you like it? Are there other notes you can detect that may be different than what I smell? I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you in the next one!