Top 5 Fall Daytime Fragrances in 2022

There’s a lot of fragrances out there and let’s face it, fragrances are subjective. If you don’t know by now, fragrances go by occasions, situations, feelings and most of all…seasons. Fall and winter is the time where warmer, spicier fragrances need to take the important spaces on your shelves because you’ll be using them more and more now. The Light Blue Forever, Neroli Portofino, and Versace Pour Homme can still be there, but take a back seat because it’s cooler weather season baby! My favorite time of year! So, here’s five fragrances that I think will make you smell amazing in the beginning of fall.

  1. La Nuit de L'Homme Bleu Electrique Yves Saint Laurent

First off on the list…the hidden gem that’s the biggest head-scratcher in the fragrance community. The year was 2021 when it was first released. The following year (2022), it was mysteriously removed from the US and available only in Europe and Canada. Currently today, it’s still really hard to find, and when you DO find it, you’re more than likely to pay a premium price to own it. Honestly, if this flanker wasn’t going to be listed, then La Nuit de L’Homme the original was definitely going to hold some presence in this list. But the Electrique flanker just has more to it than the original and it’s still available here at Decant House, so it’s at the top of my list. Cardamom, lavender, cedar wood and powdery notes are the top notes throughout this fragrance and it’s just so commanding yet soft and seductive at the same time. This fragrance will last when you hit the office at 9pm, the gym at 6pm and the even the club at 8pm. Grab some while it’s still available in a 10ml bottle and wear this one to see how people will react to it. Compliments guaranteed.

  1. Dior Homme 2020

Ever since I’ve set my nose on this fragrance, I KNEW it was special. So special that I gave a sample to a friend of mine and without saying a word he immediately said the same thing. Keep in mind, Dior Homme fragrances of the past had never hit either of our noses and I know there is a lot of talk in the community about how Dior Homme had “changed for the worse” All I can say is that it’s probably in my personal top five favorites of all time and it’s quickly becoming my friends signature scent. Bergamot, pink pepper, cashmere and patchouli are the main notes throughout this fragrance and the silage is…well, ridiculous.  I spray this three times in the front of the neck at all the pressure points, and one time on the back of my neck. The scent cloud that’s left behind with this fragrance lasts a long, long time and it’s one that people definitely notice. I urge you to try this one and see if this one will end up on your top list too.

  1. Terre d’Hermes EDT

When I first started my fragrance collection, after I bought an Acqua di Gio flanker, Versace Pour Homme, Nautica Voyage, you know…the basics, I decided to venture off and hit up some more “mature” samples considering I’m more middle aged than a young chap. Terre d’Hermes was always touted as the “grown man’s fragrance” so I figured this one was one I had to put my nose to. My problem is, I couldn’t stop at the EDT, I HAD to buy the EDT, EDP, Eau Intense Vetiver, Parfum AND the Tres Fraiche flankers as well. I wanted the whole gambit to try out and went full send. The second I sprayed the EDT I knew without a doubt that I was in love this this fragrance. That burnt orange, earthy scent was overpowering and not in an overbearing way. Orange, grapefruit, pepper, vetiver and patchouli round out the main notes in this fragrance and I’ve let older men smell it and they felt the same way as me. I have also let younger guys smell it and they were the opposite, so it’s definitely not for everyone. But it’s a great fragrance for fall and is already in the front row of my collection.

  1. Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Parfum

My personal collection is mostly designers; Armani, Dior, Hermes, Coach, etc. My collection of Tom Ford started with Oud Wood and it’s slowly starting to grow with Costa Azzurra being the newest member of the family. While they are expensive, the fragrance quality and scent profiles are absolutely outstanding, and you should have at least one bottle in your collection (Minus F***ing Fabulous…just…no). I live in the northeast, and my guess is that Costa Azzurra smells like what Christmas may smell like in Florida. Lemon, cypress, oak and amber are the main notes in this fragrance and it’s an intoxicating scent profile that is honestly good all year round, but awesome in the fall. It’s bright, woodsy and fresh smelling. The mantra when collecting such high value fragrances should be “slow and steady”, but you also want to make 100% sure it will work for you, this is where Decant House steps in. Buy Tom Ford decants for way less than a full presentation bottle. Try it at work, try it out at night and then buy your full presentation bottle when you’ve landed on one that works for you.

  1. Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent

This one was a blind buy for me from Decant House and it was one that was an instant homerun the second I smelled it. Bought it, tested it, LOVED it. I’ll preface this review with this statement. If you do NOT like patchouli…move on to my final thoughts because you will not like YSL Tuxedo one bit. I personally love patchouli. Something about going into a store like Spencer’s when I was growing up and smelling the incense they were burning really brings back memories when I smell this. Violet leaf, bergamot, black pepper, patchouli and vanilla are the main notes here. This fragrance is part of YSL’s luxury fragrance line and are definitely more expensive than the more mainstream YSL fragrances out there, but with higher cost comes higher quality fragrance. This one is usually a date night scent, but I think this one can work for you all day into the night without any problems.

Final Thoughts

There they are, my top five fall daytime fragrances. All are available on our website and ready to ship. Christmas is just around the corner, so grab some decants for yourself, your loved ones and even your coworkers. Let Decant House be your choice for try-before-you-buy fragrances this holiday season. We look forward to helping you find YOUR signature scent. Which one above is your favorite? Hope you all have a good week and I’ll see you in the next one!