Best New Fragrance Releases of 2022

In the world of fragrances, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to try something new or find something to wear every day, 2022 was a big year for finding the perfect scent. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why I have compiled a list of the top fragrances you need to try from this past year. From designer fragrances to niche, this list has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for something light and refreshing or something deep and mysterious, these will help you find the perfect scent for you. So, let's dive in and explore the best fragrances of 2022!

- Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum

This fragrance really blew me away when I first put my nose to it because when I first smelled it, it was the first fragrance I had smelled that has SO many notes (16 to be exact). What’s even more amazing about this fragrance is how it changes so dramatically from when you first spray it until it completely dries down. It’s bright and fresh, it’s warm and spicy, and it’s also woody and leathery…all in a shimmering gold bottle. A must have in your collection, this was top of the list for me in 2022 and I love wearing this on these cold winter days.

- Acqua di Gio Eau de Parfum

This one came unexpectedly, and I was more excited to order this one as quickly as possible than any other on this list. Everyone who is over the age of 30 has definitely had the original EDT fragrance in their collection at one point in their life. Finally, after 26 years of waiting, we actually got a successor to the original EDT, and I absolutely love it, love it, love it. The other flankers (Profondo, Profumo, Absolu, etc.) all go in their own direction while still holding true to the Acqua di Gio lineup of being fresh, aquatic fragrances. But this one, when you first spray it, you get that original EDT DNA but elevated to a modern-day masterpiece. It’s a warm weather beast that’s patiently waiting in my collection to go full throttle in 2023.

- Emporio Armani Stronger With You Oud

I just covered this whole lineup in the last blog and this flanker tied for second place with SWY Leather. I’ve been spraying it on more and more since that last post and I’m really loving this scent profile as well as the massive projection. If you’re looking for something warm and woody this winter, look no further to this gem. This is the perfect fragrance for someone who wants to make a bold statement to anyone around them whether it be at the office, the gym, or the bar for a nightcap with your friends. SWY Oud is THE best oud fragrance that came out in 2022 and you should really give this one a try.

- Terre D’Hermes Eau Givree

Givree was another fragrance in 2022 that received a LOT of hype and rightfully so. The fragrance community was split down the middle because the beloved Eau Tres Fraiche was being replaced by this fragrance and many were questioning whether or not Givree was going to be a good enough replacement. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve covered this in a previous blog and I outline all the ways that Givree is in fact better than Eau Tres Fraiche.  It’s super bright and very citrus-heavy but with a good balance of juniper berry and Sichuan pepper. When I personally went on vacation this past summer, Givree was the ONLY fragrance out of my entire collection that I brought with me. It’s an absolute must-have in your collection for warmer weather situations and will get you noticed for sure.

- Initio Parfums Paragon

So, unbeknownst to me, the Initio Parfum line I think is 17 fragrances deep at this point. It’s a collection that is very expensive to own but I’ve always been a firm believer that the more money you spend on something, the overall better quality product you’ll get in the end. That said, I’m not recommending you blow your bank account on 17 fragrances that have an average price of $300, but that’s why Decant House is here! A good friend of mine recommended this fragrance, but to blind buy a $340 fragrance would be insane unless you have that level of disposable income. Since I don’t, I went straight to Decant House and bought a 2ml sample. Listen…you ever get something that you’re not quite sure of and then you smell it and you’re absolutely blown away by it? This fragrance is that exact type of fragrance. I’ve said it before, when you buy niche, you’re buying from a company that makes ONLY fragrances – not shoes or clothes or even pens (yes, Montblanc started as a pen company and is still one today! And yes, they also make fragrances). So, when you buy niche quality, you get an even better product…just saying. Paragon is a beautiful blend of citrus, plum and sandalwood. It’s also a great scent to use all year round and is also unisex so anyone can enjoy this one. Grab one today for you or someone you love!

- Armani Code Parfum

This one was easy to include, not just because it was released this year, but because of the big leaps that Armani has made with the Code line. From the scent to the bottle, all have been revamped and it’s mostly to appeal to the younger generations. For the most part the scent is the same as the previous EDT version from 2004 but has more projection and sillage than its predecessor. It’s also better than the EDT because it lasts more than the 3 or 4 hours that it could handle. I love it because I really liked the original Code, but that performance was garbage at the end of the day and this one is just better in every way. So, to say that this one has that same scent profile but will keep that scent going through the night is a vast improvement that I’m on board with. Get on this one for sure.

- Ralph’s Club Parfum

I’ll be honest with you; this one almost didn’t make the list. The only real reason it made the list is because I LOVE the scent, but if we’re going to compare all of the other scents in this group, this is the one scent that reeallly didn’t change all that much from the EDP. From the bottle to the scent profile, this one for the most part didn’t really grow up as much as Armani Code did. All that aside though, Ralph Lauren makes some really good fragrances that I think are vastly slept on. I think since most of them are EDT concentrations (with only a few that are EDP and Parfum concentrations), most people look the other way with Ralph Lauren fragrances. While I may agree with you on their EDT concentrations being not very good, Ralphs Club Parfum is a good representation of what Ralph Lauren CAN do with a more mature, sweet, vetiver & patchouli fragrance and that’s why it’s on my list. If you haven’t tried this one yet, I linked it above…go grab it!!

- Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir Parfum

I’ve NEVER heard about this fragrance lineup until this year, nor have I even heard of the designer for that matter. But, the first time I put my nose to the EDP concentration I immediately fell in love with it and I had to get the rest in the lineup from Decant House. The parfum version is woody, powdery, and leathery with a touch of citrus and floral notes. Perfect for this time of year, I could say that these fragrances are so unique that whenever I wear it, I’m constantly noticing people do a double take when they walk by me. They’ll come back and ask what I’m wearing and once I tell them they have to look it up because, like me, they’ve never heard of it before. It has that level of uniqueness that people will definitely notice it whether close up or after passing you by. I’d say the EDP and Parfum are the best in the line, but they are all good and unique in their own way. Give these a try today and be as surprised as I was!

- Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee

Out of all of the lists for 2022 I’ve seen so far…this has ALWAYS been at the top. One of my very first few orders I placed with Decant House included the original EDT version of Gentleman by Givenchy. Again, another designer house I had never heard of but wanted to give it a shot, so I bought a 2ml decant. When it came in and I sprayed it for the first time I was instantly in love. It’s also one of the few fragrances I had tested that I could wear all day and notice the projection myself, not just other people noticing it. With most fragrances, your brain becomes anosmic to the scent after a short period and at that point, most people become frustrated because they can’t smell it on themselves anymore. Mancera Cedrat Boise is a perfect example of that. After about an hour you can’t smell it, but believe me…people can smell it. For Givenchy Gentleman, I knew right away that this line was very special. The EDT starts bright & fresh and the deeper you go…all the way to Privee…the darker the bottles get and the darker the scent gets. Privee is woody with a blast of iris, amber, chestnut, and whiskey. An absolute must have for fall and winter. It’s number one on many peoples list for 2022 releases for a reason, you just need to find out yourself and won’t be disappointed.

- Dior Homme Sport

Last and not least on this list is one of my personal favorites of the year, Dior Homme Sport. Before you say anything, yes, I was also questioning whether or not this came out in 2022 but it came out just after the beginning of the year, so barely squeaked by. This has quickly become my go-to gym fragrance. I still haven’t figured out if it’s because my brain sees the word “Sport” on the bottle and thinks these two belong together, but I can tell you that the projection is fierce and is way more welcoming than the smell of sweat.  Dior Homme 2020 is also one my personal favorites and the Sport version is just as good in terms of projection, longevity, and overall amazing scent profile. It’s very fresh with lemon and bergamot in the opening but dries down to pink pepper, amber and woody notes. To be honest, you can wear this confidently any time, any day, any situation, and any season. It’s one to try and it’s one to own. Just don’t forget to pack it in your gym bag lol.

- Honorable Mention: Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Parfum

Costa Azzurra is a super bright, fresh, and inviting summertime scent that features lemon, cypress, oak and amber. It’s another “first” for me this year since I had never really smelled anything outside of a few Tom Ford fragrances up until that point and now I’ve smelled quite a few. I can tell you though, it’s one that I instantly gravitated towards and ultimately bought a full presentation. There are so many more to test but for 2022, this was a solid release in my book.


Well, there you have it. According to a list I saw somewhere, there were over 3,200 fragrances released in 2022 from designer and niche houses across the world. These ones listed above are just a few of the top fragrances that I highlighted as the best of the year in my opinion. Have you tried any or all of these yet? If not, be sure to check out the links and grab a decant for yourself and give them a try!

As we close out 2022 it’s always good to reflect on how the past year went. Did you complete your resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? Did you do anything good for someone in need? Did you accomplish that goal you set out for yourself? Did you make sure above all else that YOU are happy? I hope that as we enter into 2023 that all of those answers above were “yes!” and if some were “no”, there’s still time left before the New Year! Thank you all for joining me this year and I look forward to many more blogs to come in 2023! Peace!