Does the NEW Ralph's Club Parfum Claim the Top Spot From the EDP Version?

I went into this review fully invested in the previous Ralph's Club and overly excited to give the Parfum version a try. Not a lot of people liked the original, but for some, it grew on them with time. I personally really liked it from the beginning and I'm surprised considering that those "bubble gum" types of fragrances just don't work for me.

Let’s see how they compare

The opening of the original EDP version is an immediate lavender and clary sage bomb. As the fragrance dries down it's all woods from there on out but I can say that there is some sort of Invictus-esque sweetness going on but it's not overly in your face. That sweetness remains in the mid and is faint in the dry down, but it's definitely there.

When I sprayed on the Parfum version I was hit with the same lavender/clary sage notes, but less of a bomb and more muted with those hints of mandarin orange. The cardamom in the opening really helps keep that sweetness from being too overbearing and that profile remains through the mid as well. When it dries down though, the cedar from the EDP version is replaced with patchouli and cashmeran but that sweetness still remained from opening to dry down.

The projection on the Parfum version is strong and has an impressive throwing distance. My forearm was by my waist and I kept getting slapped in the face with the fragrance even after a few hours and only one single spray. The longevity is very impressive as well but to be expected with a parfum concentration (around 8+ hours).

My final thoughts

Overall I'd say that I really like the Parfum version but with an asterisk. I feel like the Parfum version is going down the same road as what we recently saw with Mancera Cedrat Boise - the new version is way too close to the one it's replacing to justify having both. That's not to say either are bad, but what I am saying is if you have the original EDP, I'd stick with that bottle and save your hard-earned money. Once your EDP runs dry, I would buy the Parfum version. If you don't own either, definitely put your money towards the Parfum version without a doubt. It's a really great night out fragrance for any season that will surely get you noticed in the club.

Try the Parfum version for yourself right here at Decant House. Want to do your own comparison? Buy the EDP version here as well and give them both a try. Comment below what you think of the new Parfum fragrance!