* NEW RELEASE REVIEW * – Emporio Armani Stronger With You OUD

Oud (or Agarwood) is the Arabic word that means...well "wood" and it is derived from the Southeast Asian Aquilaria tree. It's basically the tree's natural compound that is produced when the tree is damaged by an infection caused by animals, worms or insects, lightening or any other natural causes. Prior to any of this damage, the tree is completely odorless, however, after this infection the resin that comes forth is very dense and very fragrant. The dense parts of the tree are then harvested after the tree dies and the oils are used for incense, medicines and also used in our fragrances. Basically, a tree had to die so we could smell fantastic. The scent is very dark, musky and has hints of vanilla, smokiness and amber. When used in fragrances, it's hailed as a more premium wood scent and an alternative to cedar or sandalwood.

With that in mind, let’s get into the fragrance!

A new limited-edition flanker from Emporia Armani released last month is number seven in the Stronger With You line, and it's called Stronger With You Oud. Now while the other flankers kept with names like "Absolutely", "Intensely" and "Only" after the Stronger With You given name, Oud is the second name used that's a noun (behind Stronger With You Leather) but in all honestly, what would you have wanted them to call it? I personally think "Stronger With You Woodly" would have sounded more playful (get it?), but I digress.

The base DNA of Stronger with You is warm spices (cinnamon, pink pepper, cardamom), strong vanilla sweetness as well wood and chestnut undertones. The wood note of choice in the original as well as the other flankers has primarily been cedar, but it's left out in this flanker for obvious reasons.

With Stronger With You Oud, the note breakdown is oud (obviously) but mixed with that heavy vanilla sweetness in the original DNA as well as lavender. As far as notes are concerned that's about it. It's not overly oud heavy, I mean it IS there, but it's not front and center like it is in a fragrance like Tom Ford's Oud Wood or Initio Parfum’s Oud for Greatness.

As the fragrance dries down it doesn't change all that much, it keeps that same sweet and spicy DNA that Stronger With You is known for and has an above average longevity of around 8 to 9 hours. A fall fragrance for sure, this flanker is a limited edition and not entirely sure how long it will be around, so grab some while you can! 

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